Life Update (Outfits, Music, etc...)

Hello there ❁❁  全然更新していないので今あたしがどういう生活をしているかなど、今日は近況報告するね。
I haven't posted any information so I'll update you about what I'm doing, where I'm living, what I like at the moment, and stuff like that today.

まず最初に、今あたしはカナダの首都、オタワに先月から住んでるよ!やっと、ワーキングホリデーのビザが9月の頭におりたのですぐにカナダに来て今は仕事探し中。英語で面接したりと、また新しい経験をしているのでそのこともブログに書けたらいいなと思ってる ;)
First of all, I moved to Ottawa, Canada last month with my working holiday visa! (FINALLY!)  So, I'm currently looking for a job and have been having a lot of interviews recently.  Hopefully, I can get a job very soon ;)

People who follows me on Twitter (Japanese one) must know that I'm currently working on this website called honeyhands, with one of my loveliest friends, Ruru.  I'll write about the details on another post since it'll be launched in November!

あとは5月くらいに始めたReading Challenge、2016年の間に10冊本を読むと決めてから6冊目に突入!一度日本語で読んだことのある村上春樹の『ノルウェーの森』を英語で読んでるよ。目標達成できるかは少し心配だけど、これまで読んだ本のレビューをブログ更新する予定 :)
Well, since I moved to Canada, my life in Canada hasn't change like mostly chilling with my friends.  I visited the fair for the first time, I stayed over at my friend's house which is pretty much in the forest (how cool it is!?), and I'm officially enjoying the autumn leaves in Canada for the first time!!
Also, I have been reading a lot lately since I decided to do #ReadingChallenge on goodreads to read 10 books in 2016.  Now, I'm reading my 6th book, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, which is one of my favorite books I've read in Japanese.  I'll promise you to post book reviews next!

最近のコーデはこちら。一つはアートイベントに行ったとき、もう一つはRyan Hemsworthのショーに行ったときの。
And these are the outfits I've worn recently.  One is for art event, and other one is for Ryan Hemsworth's show.

それから最近ずっと聴いてるのはBon IverとBanksの新しいアルバム。Bon Iverはあたしの大好きなアーティストで生ライブに行くのが夢。これがそのアルバム。(Spotifyがやっと日本でも使えるようになったみたいなのでダウンロードしてみて◎) もし時間がなかったら22, A Million33"GOD", 29 #Strafford APTS, 8 (circle), ____45_____The AltarからはMother Earthだけでも聴いてみて!
Recently, I've been listening to these two albums: "22, A Million" by Bon Iver, and "The Altar" by Banks.  Bon Iver is one of my favorites and seeing their show is on my bucket list!  Here's the albums.  If you don't have time to listen to the whole album, (well, you should for Bon Iver) at least please listen to one of these: 33"GOD", 2 #Strafford APTS, 8 (circle), ____45_____ from 22, A Million, and Mother Earth from The Altar.

I think that's it for today!  I'll make sure to post about book reviews next :) Have a lovely day!  Oh, and I started using more both instagram and snapchat's stories so check it out!

xx hik

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