Film Photos: Japan 2016 Ⅰ

Hello there ❁❁  2か月ぶりに更新!8月は妹があたしが今住んでいるカナダ・オタワに遊びに来たり、そのまま妹とカナダのみんなを連れて日本に一時帰国したの!今月の上旬にカナダに帰ってきたんだけど、ワーホリのビザが思ったよりも早くおりたから今は仕事探しでやっと落ち着いてきたので日本で撮ったフィルム写真をシェアするね。ビデオも編集が終わったらYouTubeに載せる予定✌︎

I hadn't post anything for almost two months!  Long time no see you guys!  Well, since I posted last blog, I became a traveller for a month!  My sister came to visit me in Ottawa from Japan for about two weeks, and then from mid August, my friends in Ottawa, my sister and I all flew to Japan!  I went back home (actual motherland) for the first time in two years!!  I felt amazing to be there, and realized how amazing Japan, and our culture are.  I took some film photos so I'm gonna share some of them!

august 19th 2016 - Shibuya & Harajuku, Tokyo

august 21st 2016 - Yokohama, Kanagawa
Apparently, Yokohama Chinatown is the largest chinatown in the world!

august 22nd 2016
It was HUGE typhoon on the day, but we went to Tokyo anyway and on the way back home, we stuck on this unbelievably packed train!  It was a good experience though.


I have a little more film photos from Japan, so I'll share with next post!  FYI, I used disposable film camera which was from FujiFilm.

また週1〜2くらいで更新したいと思ってるからよろしくね ;)

See you sooooooon!  Have a lovely day!

xx hik

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  1. I love disposable cameras! Your photos are amazing, can't wait to see more. ♡


    1. aww you're so sweet!
      thank you very much xx

  2. So cool that you are taking photos with film cameras. I used disposable cameras in the past but I can't remember the last time I did. The quality is so much better than digital though!