What's in My Bag?

Hello there ❁❁  最近は新しいお仕事をゲットしたり、友達と映画館にFinding Doryを観に行ったい充実してる! 今日は"What's in My Bag?"っていうことで、最近持ち歩いてるものたちを簡単に紹介✧ 本当に極力何も持ち歩きたくない人だから超厳選してるの!

How are you doing?  Recently, I got another job as a writer and also, finally went to see Finding Dory with my friend ♡ Anyway, as you may know from the title, I'm gonna do "What's in My Bag?" blog version (not YouTube) today!

この黒のレザーバックパックはForever 21で去年の夏にゲットしてからずっと使ってる私のgo-toバッグ!結構な確率で"I love your backpack!(あなたのバックパック好きよ!)"って知らない人からも褒められるの :) (アメリカやカナダでは結構知らない人の素敵だなって思ったところ褒めたりするのが普通みたい。褒められて嫌な気持ちにはならないもんね!) 本当に便利で小さいけどたくさん入るからいつもこれを選んじゃう。

The cutest little black leather backpack is from Forever 21 and LITERALLY everyone asks me where I got this.  I totally understand because black leather backpack is WINNING to have.  I looked every each store (including online) and when I found this bag at Forever 21, I grabbed immediately! haha  I got it last summer!

これは最低でもいつも持ち歩いてる必需品! いつも必ず持ち歩いてるのはこのノートかスケジュール帳のどっちか。思ったこととか思いついたこと、思い出とかアイデアとかメモとかを忘れないように書き込んでるよ。そのためにペンも持ち歩いてるの!

Well, I don't usually bring around a lot of stuff so here's some basic essentials for me.  I always bring a notebook or planner to write things when I want to, like a little journal, notes, or feelings and memories that I don't wanna forget.  And of course, with pens!  I know I can write on my phone quickly but I feel better writing this way.

あとは本1冊。この写真を撮った時は、ちょうどこの本を読み終わったところだったの。rupi kaurの"milk and honey"っていうポエム集。この本のレビューはまたブログに書くね!だいたいいつもバスとか電車、車の中とか公園とかカフェで暇つぶしのために呼んだりするのに最低1冊は持ち歩いてるよ。

And also, a book.  When I took these pictures, I just finished reading this beautiful book called "milk and honey" by rupi kaur so I added to this selection!  But, yes, I will write book review about this book very soon :)  I read on a bus, car ride, at a park, or a cafe.  It's nice way to kill my time too.


My lovely sunnies are from J. Crew, and I've been using this whole summer so far.  Same as lipstick which is from M.A.C. (color: whirl) and I can't forget to bring them with me!  And keys with hand sanitizer and a lot of other random things haha  Also, I've been looking for a perfect wallet for about two years and I'm still using this a little coin case that I got from my mom :)

これくらかな?また冬になったら持ち歩くものも変わると思うから更新するね ;)

Yep, that's all about it!  See you very very soon ;)

xx hik

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