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Hello there ❁❁  思ったよりも動物実験の記事に興味持ってくれた人がたくさんいて嬉しい!ありがとうございます♡nka子には『好きなYouTuberは誰ですか?』っていう質問をask.fmでいただいたのでブログでお答えさせていただきます :)

How are you?  Today, I decided to answer this question "who's your favorite YouTuber?" on my ask.fm a while ago.  By the way, I'm glad that some of you guys really liked my last post about cruelty-free!  I'll update my cruelty-free products very soon :)

Twitterとかで知ってる人も多いのかもしれないけど、あたしは毎日、毎週決まったYouTuberを何人か必ず観てるの!実はYouTubeを見始めたのは5、6年前で何がきっかけだったとかは全然覚えてなかったけど、その頃はまだ英語も完全にわからなくて何言ってるかわからないときのほうが多かったけど、いつか全部聞き取れるようになりたい!と思って、ただただ毎日いろんな人の動画を見てたの :)

I've been watching some of YouTubers' videos for past 5, 6 years now.  I don't remember how I started but I do remember that I didn't understand what they were saying since I just started studying English around that time.  Most of the time, I had no idea what they were talking about but I was enjoying and hoping that I can understand perfectly someday.


I honestly think that my English wouldn't improve without YouTube.  Definitely, it helped my listening and speaking skills.  I always remember when they used the phrases that I'd never used before and tried to use them often which helped me improving my speaking skill!  Now, I 99.9% understand what's going on in their videos, (sometimes, there are words I don't know which is good to learn!)

とりあえず、あたしの好きなYouTuberを紹介するね!チャンネル登録してみて :)
Anyway, here's some YouTubers that I love to watch.

Zoella (ゾエラ)

MoreZoella (ゾエラのビデオブラオグ=日常生活)


Honestly, I'm not like this without Zoe now.  She is one of my biggest inspiration and one of my role models.  And she is the reason why I started watching YouTube often, and studied English very hard.

Casey Neistat

Caseyはデイリービデオブロガーで毎日必ず更新してるの!それを毎日、彼とご飯食べるときに一緒にみてるの :) 刺激的なニューヨークでのクリエイティブな生活をシェアしてて、男子からも女子からも、どんな世代からも人気なんだよ!インスピレーションで溢れてる!

If you have never watched Casey's vlogs, I think you're missing something.  JK :P But, that's how good his videos are!  He is a daily vlogger, and literally both girls and boys, and every generation's people love his channel!  You'll get some motivation and inspirations from him ;)  (And yes, I do watch EVERY SINGLE VLOG.)



Ricchi and Cassie are from Vancouver, Canada!  Their styles are minimalist which I LOVE.  Since I've watched their look book, I'm in love with their content!



I don't think I need to explain about her to English speaking people, I'm pretty sure everyone knows her! (Since I'm making this post for my Japanese readers who doesn't watch foreign YouTubers' often.)  Well, her fashion style is not same as mine to be honest BUT I just love her content, and personality so I can't miss her videos haha


イギリス出身のJessのチャンネルはもっとダークだったりボーイッシュな系統のスタイリングが好きだから観てるよ♡あとJessの彼がたまに撮るLOOK BOOKビデオもすごく素敵!

She is also one of my all time favorite YouTuber!  She is from England, and her style is kinda tomboy which I love!  And she is bookworm so I get some inspirations from her a lot too.

Orion Carloto


She is my current TOP favorite, ORION!  I honestly love her work, content, writing, and photography.  She is a feminist, writer and YouTuber.  Seriously, no words.  She is my HUGE inspiration right now, and she is the reason why I started writing and reading more.


I do have a lot more but these are the people who I 100% watch when they upload new videos. 


Thank you for the person who submitted the question on my ask.fm!  Also, my sister is visiting Canada from Japan within a week, and I'm going back to Japan in two weeks so I'm thinking to do vlogging in August!  So if you would like to watch, go subscribe not to miss ;) hehe  Here's my recent video.

xx hik

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  1. Ohhh, thank you for sharing! I'm always on the lookout for more YouTubers to subscribe to. :)