Long Weekend

Hello there ❁❁  バタバタとあっという間に時間が流れて、最後に更新してから1週間ほどあいちゃった!先週の金曜日、7月1日はカナダデー、カナダが独立した日だったんだの。だから友達と4時間半くらい山の中をロードトリップして、コテージでパーティしてお祝いしたよ!今日はその写真をシェアするね。

It's been a week (already) since I posted the last one!  I have been enjoying summer and working.  Last Friday was Canada Day, so I went to about five-hour road trip to the cottage with my friends and celebrated and enjoyed summer weather there over the weekend.  So, I'm gonna share some of the pictures that I took.

Most of the stores are closed on Canada Day so we stopped at this "The Beer Store" and did some photoshoot.


I've been visiting this place for past two summers and this is my third summer (I believe.)  And this is one of my favorite places on Earth.  It has a little cute boat house which is my dream house for when I get old, and also, it has Estonian sauna which I love.  This time, I could experience sleeping on a tent for the first time in my life which was very cool.


After sauna, we always jump into the lake like during sunset or starry night, and enjoying the temperature, and floating and swimming around.  This is the experience that I can have in Canada, and I love it very much.


My favorite part is laying down on this dock at night and just stargazing.  Stargazing is my favorite thing to do, and this is one of the best places to do, like you can almost feel that you're witnessing a half of the earth, and sky.  So many of stars and the Milky Way.  I'd never seen this beautiful star studded sky.  Also, sunset is incredible here.

今週末はなにしようかな?素敵な週末を送ってね :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.  See you soon!

xx hik

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