Music Monday: Just Dance & Be Happy

Hello there ❁❁  週末忙しくてプレイリストを作るのが遅くなっちゃった!日本はもう火曜日かもしれないけど、こっちはまだ月曜日だからまだ"Music Monday"っていうことで今週のプレイリスト❣今週のテーマは"just dance & be happy"!

How was your weekend?  I didn't have much time to make GOOD playlist this week but here's easiest playlist that I've made.  It's called "just dance & be happy" :)

8tracks "just dance & be happy":


I realized dancing, especially in front of people, is not easy thing if you're Japanese.  I had never thought but I knew I didn't/wouldn't dance front of people when I was in Japan.  But now, I dance around all my room by myself or wherever with my boyfriend, or all my friends in whatever way we want to and we just laugh about it.  Dancing (especially weirdly) makes me so happy and sometimes makes me laugh till I cry.  Dancing doesn't have to be perfect like professional, sexy, or cool.  If you're happy with yourself, and your friends, it's okay to be weird, and random.  I love fooling and jumping around.  (I learned it when I went to Ryan Hemsworth's shows a few times.  I danced for straight 2 hours like no one was watching me lol)  And you can share your happiness with people around you which is really cool.


Well, this playlist includes chill, indie, hiphop and more kinds of songs!  Like you can listen & dance to it in your car with your friends, in your room by yourself, wherever you go, with whoever!  A few songs are really famous like the songs everyone knows and a few songs are my go-to dancing songs haha  Hope enjoy and be happy :)

(Pictures are not mine)

とりあえず踊らなかったとしてもこのプレイリスト楽しんでいただけたらいいな笑 どういうプレイリスト作ってほしいとかリクエストもお待ちしております◎

Thank you very much!! Have a great week ;)

xx hik

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