Music Monday: June Mix

Hello there ❁❁  もうすぐ6月が終わっちゃう!ということで、今週のプレイリストは6月にたくさん聴いた曲たちをプレイリストにしたよ。もしかしたら知ってるのもあるかも?ブログも6月にあったことを書くね。

I can't believe that a half of 2016 is almost over.  So, I made June Mix for this week's playlist which is the songs that I listened A LOT in June 2016.  I like doing this because I can go back to the time when I listened to these songs.  Anyway, here's the link.

8tracks "june mix":


When it's hot outside, you get lazy and discouraged like you're almost melting.  Those days, I just give myself the things I would be happy so I had a lot of pizzas this June.  I don't think this is healthy but I'm a pizza lover and what can you say!?  I was happy and that's what I needed.


Also, I hadn't gone outside at all so I started exploring more of the city again like last summer.  Just walking around the places like the places I've been before but never looked at it, and the places I'd never been where I always pass by.  I also love visiting one of my best friends, Danny's house.  He drove us to his place at one weekend.  I love spending time with him, even just doing nothing.


I also loved this shirt in June.  I got this from Eric because it's too small for him.  And I also dyed my hair lilac, just because I miss all the lilac on the street already and for fun.  It's all gone now but I liked my messy lilac hair.  Also, Mom jeans that I got from Topshop was my go-to item in June.  Just too comfortable and movable haha

いつもすごいポップな曲ってあんまり聴かないけど、この曲は ミュージックビデオが好きすぎて何回も見てたら好きな曲になってた♡実際に人生何がおこうかわからないって。

I don't usually listen to very pop song but this music video is just so cute and I watched it many times and it became one of the songs that I listened to a lot in June.


I could see the cotton candy sunset and the full moon which was strawberry moon.  (Well, I only could normal full moon but it was still stunning.)  It's weird to think what's happening in the universe sometimes.


In the end of June, (yesterday,) luckily I could see my best friend who I really adore, for the first time in a month.  He lives VERY far so it's a major long distance friendship that I love/hate.  And his sister, who I want as my sister.  They're two shines of my life!  I had a magical time and I don't even wanna share anyone! haha  If I say it aloud, I'm going to feel like it was a dream.  I think they'll give you sparkling shines like a magic so check them here:  https://soundcloud.com/tennysonmusic

here's their song which I played the most this month:

Anyway, hope you had a great June.  Thank you!

xx hik

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