June/Summer Inspirations

Hello there ❁❁  今日はね、今年の夏はこんな格好したいなって思うスタイルをテーマ別にPolyvoreを使っていくつか作ったからシェアするね✧  誰かのインスピレーションにもなればいいなと思って♡みんなはどこからアウトフィットとかアイデアとかインスピレーション見つけるんだろう?やっぱり好きな芸能人とかモデルとかかな?あたしはいつもPinterestTumblr、とりあえず満足するまでスクロールしてる笑

I haven't used Polyvore for such a long time!  I didn't even remember that I have the app on my iPhone haha So, I made some outfit ideas that I would wear in June/this summer.  To be honest, this is just for myself but hopefully, you'll get some inspiration or ideas from them!  I wonder where people get inspiration.  I always go to Pinterest and Tumblr, and just SCROLL until I feel satisfied :P

1. Shopping with Your Friends

shopping with my friends in june

友達とショッピングに行ったり歩き回ったりするときに着たい格好!最近はとりあえずMom Jeans+コンバースにハマってるの。でもやっぱり夏だから黄色をいれてみた :)

I seriously love Mom Jeans (especially, Topshop's) so much like it's one of the best things to put on your outfit!  I always wear with converse so I can be always ready for walking and shopping around! hehe  Also, I do love yellow for summer.  This is literally my go to outfit!

2. Sunday Brunch Date with Your Love

sunday brunch date with your love


If I'm going out for brunch date with my love, I wanna dress up kinda cute but also smart (even though it's morning on weekend) so yes, denim + brown are my favorite look.  (I actually want this dress!)  Also, I definitely prefer wearing flats to wear heels.  I don't wanna cry on the middle of the street that I can't walk anymore haha

3. Your Friend's Birthday Night Out

your friend's birthday night out


My friend, Natasha's birthday is VERY soon so if I'm gonna go out at night, I definitely wear these all black outfit.  However, I added this beautiful baby pink bomber jacket!  Oh gosh, I also love choker so much haha

4. Rainy Days / Just Reading

rainy days / just reading


I freaking love rainy days!  Of course, I love staying at home, or going to a cafe or library on those days and I just read, write and daydream.  That's what I like to do!  Obviously, I can't forget good music like rainy days are the days I can dream and get into my own world somehow.  (I'm actually looking for this white dress shirt!)

5. My Office is Often a Cafe

my office is often a cafe

ライターとキュレーターのお仕事してるとお家やカフェがオフィスなんだけど、いつもだいたいカフェに行くときはこういう格好!楽チンなのが一番 :)

Working as a writer and curator, I always work from home or cafe and this is very accurate how I dress when I go out somewhere to work.  I'm not going to an office but I still wanna feel like an office lady sometimes haha

6. Let Me Fall in Love with You Again

let me fall in love with you againとにかく、コンサートでもデートでも友達と遊びに行くときでもこれはあたしが一番する格好かも!タイトなドレスだけどちゃんとしたヒールとかフラットじゃなくてスニーカーとキャップ合わせるの。


Well, this is one of my significant styles for sure.  I always wear these lovely nicely sexy kind of dress.. not with heels or flats but with a pair of sneakers and a baseball hat haha  I don't like being too girly or sexy, I still wanna keep my tomboy style somewhere, I guess.  I literally wear this anywhere to be honest, like show, music festival, dinner date, grocery shopping or chilling at a park.

こんな感じかな✧ 何かこのアイデアから誰かにインスパイアできたらいいな!
That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed my outfit ideas ;)
Thank you very much! See you on Music Monday ♩

xx hik

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